Monday, April 7, 2008

What are the signs of life?

I have slowly been going through a devotional book by David Jeremiah called "Signs of Life". It is so eye opening and easy to understand. The basic premise of the book is that the Signs of Life for an authentic Christian are dusty shoes, rolled-up sleeves, worn-out knees, outstretched hands, and open arms. It really makes me think about where and how I have been walking. Just today a co-worker of mine brought a situation up in our training class that just screamed out SOMEONE HAS GOT TO DO SOMETHING! Why is it always someone? The discussion led to many possibilities, call a church for help, call adult protective services, just give them a list of community resources. My co-worker said again, I just can't hand them a list of people to call when they can see the sky through their roof! Well she did make some calls, the church said"it is too far for us" (they were in another part of Dallas), adult protective services said "someone will go out and take a look in a week or so", she wasn't satisfied with that either. So she sent out an email which I forwarded to some of you guys and she asked for help, any kind of help. Will anyone be willing , will I be willing? Willing to get my shoes dusty, my sleeves rolled-up, spend some of MY time just for someone else? Someone who doesn't live near me, doesn't look like me, doesn't even know me? There are opportunities all around me every day, how many do I just walk on by or step over, to avoid getting my shoes dusty? I imagine that Jesus' feet were really dusty...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter Morning, how many of us took Sunday morning pictures?
Sunday afternoon pictures?
I challenge you to print and bring a copy to Sunday School
to go on our bulletin board. Don't they look cute?

It's been a while...

Okay, I knew I would either be great at this or horrible. So counting the number of blogs I guess we know where I fit, but here I am, trying again. So many things have happened in the past month, where to begin...My job that has really kind of been a breeze since October, became a real job! It has been crazy, stressful, frightening, and fun! I have met some amazing people, with awesome stories of answered prayers and faith in God's promises. These people tell me stories of God's grace, comfort and healing from wheelchairs, hospital beds, and old, ratty couches. I truly believe God gave me this job to grow my faith and my prayer life. These people are a blessing, the paperwork is not, but, you can't have it all...It seems that the THAT class is actually bonding, growing, meeting new friends, and liking it! I love it and I hope everyone else does too! Now if everyone will just start DOING the lessons...What can I say about RADIATE 08? I left each night with a greater sense of who God sees when he looks at me and how many lost people I walk by everyday. I want to radiate!! I want to be a person that causes people to ask "what is with her?" , but in a good way. I want to be so radical that my kids are embarrassed by me! I want to be whatever GOD wants me to be, wherever he wants me to be...Wow! See, once I get started it is hard for me to stop. We recently found out that Sterling's dad will be out of jail soon, it is getting harder to think about that objectively. The flesh part of me tries to build walls around my heart for protection, and tries to keep him at arms length. It tells me "well he just can't have him! He should have thought about him before! And well it will be easier if he goes back with him" But I know that God placed him in our lives, just like he gave me Mason, Madi, and Alex, and whatever His plan is is OK with me. I am so glad that He is in control, because I know I could really screw this up! We could all definitely use your prayers for this situation. Okay, that is probably enough for now, I shouldn't tarry too long.....:)