Saturday, August 23, 2008

Parental pain...

Okay, I do not like this...I am starting to encounter some of the things that I heard my parents talk about. I have experienced a big disappointment. Don't get ideas, it isn't anything life changing or horrendous, but a kind of sadness that I couldn't have imagined. I don't really know even how to handle it. God gives us mercy, so I want to also have mercy and give mercy, but I also have to train, guide, discipline. How do you do both? I hate that I disappoint God this way, it makes me sad. I guess maybe that is why I am feeling this now, just so I have a hint of how much God loves us, despite how we've messed up. Thank you God for your grace.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Then we prayed...

Wednesday night prayer meeting, sounds kind of "old fashioned" doesn't it or does it? Tonight after offering up new prayer requests and reporting on praises, we were given some instructions and then we prayed. This was not just a couple of our men standing and praying, but an entire room of people, probably at least 40 of them, all praying. Praying out loud, at the same time, for the same things. It was awesome!! I had to stop myself from crying so that I could actually be an active participant in the praying. It was an overwhelming and wonderful experience to hear God's people talking to him, petitioning him, not for themselves, but for others, for our community, for our church family, for our country, for the lost. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it now, four hours later. Thinking about it, I am just imagining all those petitions and requests arriving at once in heaven and God just smiling, delighted to hear from us. The unity in our requests, our burden for others, yearning for God's will, those things could make a difference. They could make a difference in our homes, our churches, our communities, our country, and in the Kingdom. I can't wait 'til next week!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My life as an offering?

Wow, is it really possible? I have been doing a bible study by Angela Thomas called "A beautiful offering", it has been a wonderful experience. Each week we separate into small groups with a different group of women. These women are all different ages, with different backgrounds, and stories of blessings by God. Where have these women been all my life? Isn't it crazy? These amazing ladies with decades of faith and I don't even know them...As a young woman, (depending on who you ask) I need to hear from these women. I need to learn from them. I need to be trained to be "prayer warrior", I need to hear how it worked for them. I need to learn how they were able to be a submissive wife, loving mother, faithful Jesus lover, in this fallen and dark world. I challenge any of you "young women" out there to find a "Spiritual Mother" to mentor you, show you, be an example to you. Find someone who seems to glow with Jesus light, or has that quiet strength that could only come from God, and ask them if they would be willing to do that for you. They may look at you like you are crazy, they may think they have nothing to give or tell, but you will know that they do, and it could be a huge blessing to you both. Now, to any of you "older women", SHARE your stories with us, SHARE what God has taught you with us, SHARE how it is hard and you haven't always had this strong, quiet faith. INVEST in us, we need what you have.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday goes by so fast...

This Saturday began with waking Mason up at 6:50 so that he wouldn't feel rushed getting ready for his first JV Scrimmage. We drove over to Athens to the AHS/TVCC football field for a scrimmage vs. Kemp. What fun!? Well anyway, Mason actually seemed to enjoy it, I even saw him smiling a few times. That is always nice to see on a teenaged boy. He is so handsome when he smiles. Afterwards, we headed over to the Woolverton's to help celebrate Jake's birthday. We had some quick swimming, a hot dog, cake and ice cream. Then the day really got long. I left my purse at their house. When we got home and realized it, we sent Mason on the newly repaired (or so we thought) four wheeler to go get it. Some time passed and we received a phone call, "please bring the truck and a rope". That is never good. So, more time passes, knots tied, things towed. All is well. Now off to Mesquite to Best Buy to pick up the computer that was purchased yesterday. Aside from the fact that I let Mason drive, the trip was uneventful. The simple, quick trip did not happen. We arrived at Best Buy at 3:20, computer is not ready yet, give us 45 more minutes, it is a software problem. One hour and forty minutes later, no not ready, maybe fifteen more minutes. I drive us over to Home Depot, we get a couple of keys made. We go to Cavender's and Mason picks out a straw cowboy hat. It is now 5:45 pm, I expected to be home by this time. As we walk in I see, the computer is still not in the box. To shorten the story let's just say, some refunds were given, Madi kept asking, "Are you mad now?", the computer was packed up, the manager was contacted and we finally headed towards home at 6:10. We arrived at the lake lot around 7:25, it was nice and cool. Jim and Andi Green and their boys were tubing. I thought, okay, now I can relax...Then Mason's phone rang. Now I drove to our house; he frantically spit shined, brushed his teeth, and changed clothes and headed out with friends. I drove back to the lake, joined the Greens and now Gary and D'Ann Woolverton. It was 8:05 pm and I did get to relax this time. We enjoyed silly stories, more hot dogs, a cool evening, and a great view. Sorry if reading this wore you out, now you know how I feel.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too many thoughts in my head...

I guess I am making excuses, but, the main reason that I haven't been blogging is that there were just too many things in my head. Go ahead and laugh, there really is something other than air in there. Honestly, any of you who know my brother understand that he can be going full steam in like forty directions, somewhat like that, I usually have a minimum of forty million ideas, plans, thoughts, beliefs, prayers, tasks, lists, in my head at any given time. Then on top of that, awesome God things have been happening and it is really just too much to try and right down or even attempt to capture in pictures (for me anyway). That in itself is just amazing!! I do believe that God is preparing all of us for some unbelievable things, that we wouldn't believe if He told us. Watch for a link to the new materials we are going to be using for our Sunday Morning Bible Study, and get excited about God's Word, read it yourself, don't trust someone else's thoughts on it, form your own. It will turn your world upside down, in a good way!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I wonder what they think about us?

Tonight, two pastors from the Phillipines visited my church's Wednesday night prayer meeting and bible study. They have begun an association of churches in the Phillipines. These are small, not fancy, churches, many in homes. They came to visit us approximately a year ago and several people "sponsored children" in the Phillipine church communities. This sponsorship provides schooling and supplies for the children. One of the requirements for the children to be in the program is that the parents must come to church every week. Anyway, tonight was kind of an informational visit for the church family. They showed us a power point of what has been going on there. They voiced appreciation for the prayers and support. They also brought some pictures of the children and notes from them. The pastor told us of 8 adult family members that had been baptized as a result of children sponsored through this program. No one clapped. There were a couple of "amens" and some smiles, head nods, and mumbling among friends, but no one clapped. Not one of us. When the presentation was over, there was the standard clapping at the end of a speech. Then we began our study of the Corinthian church. While I am very excited by the idea of a chapter by chapter, verse by verse study of God's word, I couldn't help but wonder what those Phillipine pastors were thinking about our discussion. I mean, they are struggling to bring light into the darkness of the Phillipines, and we are listing things that make people dislike churches. It was Wednesday night, which usually means the "faithful", it was a good crowd. I wonder how we looked to them? Did we shine? They struggle to house students for their seminary, need new buildings built, roofs replaced. There are 7001 islands in the Phillipines, they need churches. The people need to hear about Christ. I am in NO WAY blaming or pointing at our pastor, we are blessed to have him at our church, but I am pointing at the rest of us, the American church. We are so detached from the real pain and death that is all around us. We are so jaded to the victory and salvation of the lost. I know that the church is to be the bride of Christ, I know that Christ loves and died for the church. But really, are we dressed and ready for the wedding? Those Christians in the Phillipines, fighting big odds, with few resources, but fully reliant on an awesome, Almighty God, aching and hurting for their lost countrymen...not aching over growing pains, new music or old habits, or "unfriendly Christians" (is that really possible?). Again, I wonder what they thought of us? Did we look ready for the wedding?