Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is a new week, YAY! Last week was too much...Do you guys ever feel that way? It just seemed like too many phone calls, too many appointments, practices, homework, we have to eat, what can I wear mom?, have you seen..., what about this idea?, did anyone ask you?, oh so and so is looking for you, can I come over?, a hurricane is coming, Its homecoming, I need a mum mom, what about the food in the daycare freezer? I mean really, just TOO MUCH!! I just felt overwhelmed all week. I was worrying, frustrated, short tempered, and just plain droopy. Then on Saturday I figured it out, I was already ahead doing my preparation for Sunday School so I didn't get up as early last week. Now that in itself is not a bad thing, but because I didn't take the extra time, I rushed in the morning. I just didn't give God my time and I missed it so much. I know this, I teach people this, and I still blow it. Jesus has given me so much, and He only asks for me to spend some time with Him. Isn't that so great! Thank you God for your continued grace, and the peace you provide when I abide in you.
To everyone else, Have a great week, learn a new verse, show love to someone you don't like, and pray for families affected by Hurricane Ike.