Monday, December 29, 2008

Beach Day

Today we woke up to bright sunshine! This was very nice since we have had on and off sprinkling and partly cloudy skies most days. We headed to the beach. Today we went to a place called "Chinaman's Hat" and Makua Bay Beach. You can tell by the back ground of the picture of Madi on Mason's shoulders, why it is called the Chinaman's Hat. That is what it is shaped like. While we were there a couple that had just gotten married came to take their post wedding pictures. It was very beautiful! It was amazing this morning that we were standing on the beach in the surf in the sunshine and behind us, the mountains were covered in thick clouds and dark skies. We traveled from there all the way around the island to the "dry" side, to insure our chances for sunshine. We went to Makua Bay Beach. The kids were excited about the big waves for boogie boarding. After some time, they got some healthy fear of the big waves after a little time out in them. But all in all it was fun and they were safe, so don't worry Mimi! The views at Makua Beach were gorgeous. Everytime we go to a different place we are amazed by all the beauty. Driving back this afternoon we saw another huge rainbow while driving through a lush green valley, headed toward a sparkling blue ocean. We were all singing "God with us" by Mercy Me, and realized that with all that beauty around what else can you do but praise God for the beauty He created. Enjoy the photos.


Noa Jayne said...

we are looking all the pictures! we love ya'll