Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day Three- Diamond Head Crater and Waikiki

Even though this day began early and without coffee, it was awesome! First we drove from the North Shore towards Honolulu and searched for a gas station that was open. As a result of the power outage, many of the stations still were not open and we needed gas. We drove through Waikiki and up to the Diamond Head State Recreation Area. We hiked up the Diamond Head Crater. This is a landmark in the Waikiki area and has awesome views from up there. The beach was next on our list. We headed for Waikiki. This is definitely a more "touristy" area than what Carey and I usually like, but it was sunny and warm, and the kids loved it. We got some great pictures both at Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach. We decided to drive back a different route and came across a much "wilder" area than we had seen. The new "love that view" picture to the right is from here. This area is near Makupu Point, there is a light house there and some very rugged cliffs with awesome waves. So enjoy the pictures, we are enjoying taking them.