Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day Two in Oahu--FUN FUN

Ok, we had a great day yesterday. We went to the North Shore of Oahu, which is the surf mecca in the winter months. We got to see huge waves and watch people surf them. We also found a good spot to hang out and get cooled off in the water. Just north of Sunset Beach we found a little point with small pools in the large rocks, the kids found a cave to climb in and we just enjoyed watching. After spending some time there we went to the little town on Haleiwa. We had lunch there and got a "shave ice", imagine, Darby did not invent these lovely treats! They started in Hawaii! We drove from there to Ko'Olina Beach. In Hawaii, all property within 40 ft. of beach is public property, so even though this huge resort built these little protected coves for their guests, the rest of the public gets to enjoy them. The winter time is very big waves on the windward coast and the North Shore, so Ko'Olina was one of very few calm, easy swimming areas for 12/26/08. I was unable to post last night because there was a blackout all over the entire island. Imagine being in an unusual town, with no electricity for the entire night. When we got back up the next morning, there was still no electricity. Which meant NO COFFEE...well we survived, of course and began the next great day.