Sunday, December 28, 2008

What is at the end of the rainbow? Hawaii

I couldn't resist it! I took these rainbow pictures today. And, yes, they all ended in Hawaii...Also, if you click on the cloudy picture and zoom in, you will see at least three waterfalls coming down the mountains...This is what the locals have to look forward to after a rainy morning. Okay, it is late, goodnight.


Mark said...

Hey Guys! I looked at all the pics (and the breakfast) and its must come home as soon as possible...having way too much fun. That pic of ya'll in the "outback" with the mountain and the jeep in the background looks very...very...not fun at all, can't believe you haven't started looking for a ride home yet. Looks awesome and I'm very glad for you guys and you're doing a good job of reporting. Love you.

Andi said...

Jim said looks like fun! The rainbow is beautiful. I would have a field day taking pictures there.